Philosophers – includes Camus, Sartre, Plato, Socrates, Nietzsche

Other People – includes Alice Walker, Putin, Ayn Rand

Morality – includes Moral Relativism and Sam Harris, Morality and Modern Government

More Philosophy – includes atheism&agnositicsm, accident, subjectivity and abstractions, antinomies

Mind and Matter – the brain, imagination, computers, sanity-insanity

Physicality and Science – space, time, butterfly wings, genetics

Historical Perspective – from the Big Bang, to Stone Age religion and to the Atomic Age

Books – authors include William McCants, Gary Gutting, Joyce Appleby

Society/Politics – selected scrapings and my opinions, 2013 to today


 1 May – books: The Rise and Fall of American Growth

28 Apr – America First, Substance and Trump

27 Apr – Spain in Our Hearts: Americans in the Spanish Civil War, 1936–1939

25 Apr – Questioning Capitalism: a reply to an article in Salon

23 Apr – Sanders Tops Out

21 Apr – Politics and High-Speed Trains

17 Apr – Clooney and Clinton called shills

14 Apr – Too Big to Fail

12 Apr – random thought: Japan, 1940  

  8 Apr – Krugman vs Sanders

  6 Apr – Abortion and Trump

  5 Apr – Babylon, Persia and Judaism

  3 Apr – Essence of Fascism?