Philosophers – includes Camus, Searle, Sartre, Plato, Socrates, Nietzsche

Morality – includes "Moral Relativism and Sam Harris," and "Morality and Modern Government"

More Philosophy – includes Zen, Taoism, Buddhism, Western philosophy, the simile

People – includes Alice Walker, Putin, Narcissism, Ayn Rand, the Science Guy

Other Measuring – space, time, computer intelligence, math, butterfly wings, facts

Political Ideas & Current Events – philosophy and world news timeline, starting in July 2015

Points from History – from the Stone Age to 2015, Syrian disaster in 2011-12


24 Nov – Europe 45,000 to 3,000 Years Ago

23 Nov – Donald Trump and "Stupid People"

21 Nov – The Islam of Chitter Chatter

20 Nov – Jeb Bush versus Robert Gates

19 Nov – The Debate Continues: slopes and rival correctness

18 Nov – War on Isis

15 Nov – Marco Rubio, Critical Thinking and Philosophy

13 Nov – Lost American Dreams "Kill White People"

11 Nov – Historical Perspective and Baby Hitler

 8 Nov – Journalists and Dr. Carson

 6 Nov – "Saving Capitalism: For the Many, Not the Few"

 4 Nov – Dawkins, Evolution and Republican Candidates

 2 Nov – Republican Candidates and Gotcha Questions

30 Oct – Futility and Obama's Policy Regarding Assad