Philosophers – includes Camus, Searle, Sartre, Plato, Socrates, Nietzsche

Other People – includes "Alice Walker, Labels and Freedom"

Philosophies East and West – Zen, changes in Taoism and history of Western philosophy

Knowledge and Reason: Epistemology – knowledge issues, including paradoxes

Politics – includes "Thailand and Democracy"

Morality – includes "Moral Relativism and Sam Harris" and "Morality and Modern Government"

Variety – includes "Noah and the Flood," accident vs divine purpose, post-modernism



12 Oct '14: Phyllis Schlafly

26 Sep '14: Friedrich Nietzsche

14 Aug '14: Edmund L Gettier III and his three-page paper

17 Jul '14:  Can Computers Think?

13 Jul '14:  What are Numbers, What is Math, Epistemologically and in Gambling

10 Jul '14:  Choice, Awareness, Biology and Ability to Change

  1 Jul '14:  Confusion and Post-Modernism

 8 Jun '14:  Judging Complexity: responsibility for the First World War

18 May '14: More Praise for Specifics

  1 May '14:  Zen and Clutter

24 Apr '14:  Siddhartha and Buddhism

16 Apr '14:  Subjectivity, Reality and Abstractions

13 Apr '14:  Chaos simplified

11 Apr '14:  Schrodinger's Cat

  8 Apr '14:   Antinomies Dismissed as Useless

  3 Apr '14:   Noah and the Flood

27 Mar '14:  Individuals, Buttlerfly Wings and Great Man Theory