Philosophers – includes Socrates, Camus, Sartre, Wittgenstein

Other People – includes Alice Walker, Putin, Ayn Rand

Morality – includes Moral Relativism and Sam Harris, Morality and Modern Government

More Philosophy – includes atheism&agnositicsm, accident, subjectivity and abstractions, antinomies

Mind and Matter – the brain, imagination, computers, physics, sanity-insanity

History – the Big Bang, Earth, genetics and humanity through the ages

Books – latest authors: Eliezer J Sternberg, Robert J Gordon, Adam Hochschild

Society/Politics – selected scrapings and my opinions, 2013 to today


27 May – Evolution's Superbug appears in the US

26 May – Trump the Businessman and Candidate

24 May – science: Directed Evolution

21 May – Demonization, Trump and Hillary

20 May – philosopher: Galen Strawson

19 May – How Well You Mow

17 May – Recent Origins of Evangelicals in Politics

17 May – book: NeuroLogic

15 May – history: From Socrates to the Cynics

11 May – Global Warming and the Great Canadian Fire

10 May – history: Empire, Misjudgments and World War One

  3 May – Voters Killing "Trusted" Conservatism

  1 May – book: The Rise and Fall of American Growth

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